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Dr. Arnette is a proponent of evidence based practice, which is informed by scientific research, clinical experience and patient values. She believes that the role of a physical therapist is to offer information and guidance to enable patients to heal themselves. She believes care is most effective when both the therapist and patient believe that change is possible and are able to enthusiastically participate in the plan of care. Dr. Arnette encourages her patients’ agency by providing education and instruction on the most important component of the healing process - the exercise and mindfulness practices that occur between physical therapy sessions. Her goal is to empower patients to cultivate self care practices so that they ultimately no longer require care. 

Dr. Arnette believes in the importance of musicians' wellness education. If you would like to invite her for a remote or in person presentation, please get in touch!

Selected presentations:

Performance Anxiety and the Neuromuscular System: Exercise for Optimal Performance

University of Colorado Boulder College of Music Peak Performance Series, February 2022.

Musicians' Injury Prevention and Wellness
University of Colorado French Horn Studio Summer Camp, July 2020

Prevalence and Perceptions of Student Musicians' Playing Related Injuries

American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meeting with the Performing Arts Special Interest Group of the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy. January. 2019.